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Cutting out the story


Just got back from Sydney where I was lucky enough to work with editor, Tim Wellburn (Black Robe, Mad Max 2 etc. etc.). Dale Fairbairn (my Producer) convinced him and Island Films to get involved in our 10 minute, ScreenWest funded short, "A Stone Throw."

I wrote the screenplay with Phil Jeng Kane and no matter how hard we tried, the picture cut just wasn't working. We were slowly losing our story with each attempt and we needed a fresh, experienced set of eyes. There were some difficulties with coverage, but they seemed to dissolve with Tim at the helm.

It took him 4-5 days. I let him choose takes, cutting style - the lot and I must say, he did a fine job. He really got into the story. The cut was fresh, new and completely understandable. I was so happy to see the film working. He'd solved all the problems we'd had with previous cuts (there were 4 of those). Most problems were brought about by limited coverage on an incredibly tight, TV-style shoot.

Now we …