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Burning the candle at both ends

This is a picture of us writing. Notice how there's only one of us at the computer? I'm on a beanbag. Phil does the writing, and for those of you who know me well, I talk. I'm actually taking random photos with my new CanonA430 (I highly recommend it) while Phil taps away.

Lately, we've been pleasantly surprised by our work. Twelve years on it looks like we have a worthy mani character (Katy) and a good, solid story.

This is how we got to the screenplay on this particular rewrite:
We used the Clare Dobbin Matrix to analyse the existing storyWe broke the story down into about 16 sequences, tracking our main character
We titled each sequence (for main character) and made micro-notes on 3 x 5 cardsWe discussed the hell out of each sequence from the main character's story POV
We attacked the screenplay scene by sceneIt's taken us about 3 weeks. That's 2 full days writing per week. It's nice to be able to say that. Feels like we've achieved something.

So far w…