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The AWG / ScreenWest "Pre-VIZ" Australian Feature Film Marketing and Distribution meetings

Behind the beautiful Australian Writers' Guild (WA location)

Some interesting facts:
The average Australian film needs to take $1m at the box office in order to cover a distributor's Promotion and Advertising (P&A) expenses.Most Australian films (about 16) released over the last year or so took around $200,000 at the box office. Only Kenny, 10 Canoes and Happy Feet recouped these expenses and made money.An additional 10 or so credit card films that were made did not see the light of day or attract distribution partners (probably due to poor screenplays).
When a distributor invests in an Australian film, they are taking a huge risk. A risk which is as much about passion and commitment to an idea as it is for the production team (writer, director, producer).
Phil (w), Carmelo (p) and I (d) are in the middle of the AWG / ScreenWest's (weirdly titled) pre-VIZ consultation program with Beware the Stingray.

The current screenplay has already been blasted by Victoria Treole (ex A…